Product finders for Lightspeed eCommerce

More and more Lightspeed stores are looking for a solution to give their customers (in-store or online) advice. In other words: how do I make a product finder in my Lightspeed webshop?

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What is Lightspeed?

Lightspeed is an omnichannel commerce solution that helps entrepreneurs worldwide sell products easily. They do this offline - for example with their POS systems - and online with their e-commerce solution.

Lightspeed is used by thousands of enthusiastic entrepreneurs worldwide. And with Lightspeed eCommerce is the idea that you can easily create, manage, optimize and grow your webshop. More and more Lightspeed web shops are looking for a solution to give their customers in-store advice. In other words: how do I make a product finder, or guided selling app, in my Lightspeed webshop?

Lightspeed eCommerce filters

In Lightspeed eCommerce, you can use filters to, yes, filter products. There are many standard filters, such as brand and price, but you can also add product-specific filters. For example, “screen size” if you sell TVs, “suitable for skin type” for face creams, or “type of power supply” for drills.

However, the filter functionality of Lightspeed eCommerce has restrictions. This way, you can only create six filters for your entire shop. In addition, these filters have a maximum of 15 values (e.g. 15 different screen sizes) and you can assign a maximum of 25 filter values to a product. This is quickly insufficient if you want to make your customer's search for the right product as easy as possible.

For example, electronics often have twenty-five, thirty or even forty possible product filters, but even for seemingly simple products, you quickly need more than six filters. Think of sofas (including sofa type, dimensions, warranty, material, backrest, assembly, shape, seating comfort) or T-shirts (including fit, model, material, multipacks, neck, print, durability).

Fortunately, we have the solution for this.

The Lightspeed webshop by Vloerglijders.nl with decision aid
Choice help on the Lightspeed webshop at Vloerglijders.nl

Lightspeed eCommerce product finder

With Aiden guided selling you can help your customers online just as well as in-store. Based on a few questions, you give the customer personal and nuanced product advice that allows them to buy the right product independently and confidently.

At Aiden, we have no restrictions on the use of filters. You can easily load all products and associated product specifications. You can immediately unlock it as a filter selection aid in Lightspeed eCommerce. Or you go one step further and, using the same information, create a next-level decision aid where you really put the customer and her needs first.

Filter assistant

Imagine that an online store sells digital cameras. A filter selection aid or choice guide helps a customer by requesting direct product specifications and linking them to the possible use of the available products:

  • What is your preferred number of megapixels?
  • What is your desired maximum video resolution?
  • Do you want a fixed or tiltable display?
  • Looking for image stabilization?
  • What maximum ISO sensitivity do you want?

The advantage is that you let a customer easily select multiple filters and that you are no longer limited in the number of filters available. The disadvantage is that the customer must actually understand what the filters mean in terms of content.

Needs-based product finder

A truly humanised product finder zooms in (camera joke) on the customer's desired use, in other words, their use cases, context and situation. So instead of asking for 'hard' product specifications, a needs-based product finder makes it even easier for the customer to ask:

  • What do you want to do with the camera (photos, video, both)?
  • Do you plan to take the camera with you regularly?
  • Is the camera intended for professional or personal use?
  • What are you going to take pictures of? (#selfie, animals, sports, nature)

For a customer need, you create rules in Aiden that automatically translate your product specifications into use cases (applications). For example:

  • If the number of mega-pixels is more than 20, the type of full-frame sensor and the price above €3,000, the camera is perfect for professional use.
  • If the shutter speed is extremely short, the ISO sensitivity is high and there is image stabilization, the device is perfect for sports photography.

(Note: We are experts in product finders, not digital cameras, so there is a good chance that real camera experts would give different (read: better) advice. This immediately demonstrates the need for good digital advice, because products are often too complicated for customers to understand.)

Parasolkopen.nl's Lightspeed website with a selection guide banner
Parasol selection guide on parasolkopen.nl's Lightspeed webshop

Lightspeed eCommerce integration

Aiden is store agnostic. In other words: you can integrate our guided selling apps into any type of online store. Here's how to make a product finder in Lightspeed eCommerce in three simple steps:

  1. Build your product finder in Aiden
  2. Insert the Aiden script into Lightspeed (see Lightspeed tutorial)
  3. In Lightspeed, place the HTML embed code from the product finder on the desired page(s) in your store

Want to know more? Then check out our documentation. And don't hesitate to contact us if you are curious about all Aiden's possibilities. We would be happy to give you a free tour of our Lightspeed product finder.

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