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“I can be brief about making product finders in Aiden: it's very easy.”

Jasper Brester

CCO, XXL Nutrition

"Over het maken van de keuzehulpen in Aiden kan ik kort zijn: het is heel eenvoudig."

Guus van Nunen

Algemeen manager, XXL Nutrition

“I was amazed at how smoothly and well that tool works. There are usually some snags, but this works really well.”

Maarten Hofste

Senior Marketer, MaxiAxi

“The implementation was very easy. Thanks to the connection with Channable, we were also able to get started right away and didn't need much IT to put it live on our website. Aiden itself, the backend, also works very easily.”

Anna Maria Schulz

Webshop manager, Girav

“Once you've made such a guided selling app and thought it through carefully, you won't have to look at it again.”

Marnix Izeboud

Content manager, Bax Music

“In addition to being surprisingly helpful, the tool is also fun for consumers to fill out. In addition, we are experiencing a very good cooperation with Aiden. They are always looking for the right next steps and are open to new opportunities/ideas. Great 'colleagues'!”

Martine ter Veld

Webshop manager, Livera

“We already see that customer service can focus more on other projects. I also noticed another advantage: you get to know the customer better through the analytics in Aiden.”

Mark Goessens

Online Content Marketer, Resource World

“I really know a lot of tooling, but Aiden's simplicity makes it easy to understand and has been carefully considered. The software is really intuitive, it's all self-explanatory. There are not many options that maybe 10% of your target group uses. “What we make, we make really good.” That really worked out well with your software.”

Demian Bake

Digital marketing manager, Vandentop Tuinhout

“These kinds of insights are exactly what we missed in the previous version of our product finder. So we're also going to quickly transfer the 'tea finder' to Aiden!”

Roxanne van Baardewijk

Webshop coordinator, Simon Lévelt

“We first built a product finder ourselves. This allowed me to see how often it was used, but not what it yielded in terms of conversion or which bikes our customers ultimately chose. With Aiden, that's possible.”

William van Dooren

Digital marketing professional, Cortina

“So it's used a lot and that certainly removes some of the questions when it comes to customer contact.”

Jan Karel Ekkel

E-commerce specialist, Kees Smit Garden Furniture

“A significant growth rate that gives reason to use the product finder on other channels and for other products as well.”

Dominique Alaradi

Product owner, Prénatal

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