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E-commerce can and should be improved. We've been expressing this through our advice and actions for years.

It all started with this book (currently only available in Dutch), in which we set out our vision for the future of e-commerce. That same vision has since shaped the foundations of Aiden, our guided selling and product finder software.

The book discusses:
The theory — why e-commerce is broken, and why assisting people makes sense.
The practice — six leading e-commerce brands share their lessons (including MediaMarkt and Swiss Sense).
Plus: a practical step-by-step guide makes it easy to get started with guided selling right away.

The first and second editions were in Dutch, but an English translation is to follow.

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“This isn't just a practical book with how-to's for online stores — it really gets you thinking about how the e-commerce game has been played for years. And how it can be improved.”
Patrick Kerssemakers
Founder fonQ

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