XXL Nutrition

💪 How XXL Nutrition achieves an XXL conversion

In just a short time, XXL Nutrition launched three different product finders using Aiden. Successfully so! Out of every 1,000 sessions, over 200 resulted in a purchase.

22.4% conversion
Customer focused flow
Straightforward implementation
💪 How XXL Nutrition achieves an XXL conversion
Personal Healthcare
Deurne, Netherlands
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The company

In 2005, XXL Nutrition  began assisting passionate athletes in finding the right supplements and nutrition. Initially operating from a garage, they have since grown into one of the largest supplement websites in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The challenge

At the beginning of this year, XXL Nutrition decided to further express their expertise online by providing more advice to customers during the purchasing process. Guus van Nunen, COO, explains: “Consider protein supplements: customers land on a page with 36 types, which are very similar. They'll immediately experience choice paralysis and wonder: which one should I choose?”

Taste is subjective, as is the case with proteins. "You can usually decide for yourself which flavor you like," says van Nunen. "But how the product is structured and when is the best time of day to take it is another matter." For instance, proteins are available in shakes, bars, and meals, but the best choice depends on your personal situation: what are your exercise goals? Is your aim to lose weight, or to build muscle?

The solution

XXL Nutrition quickly developed three different product finders to assist customers in choosing the right protein, creatine, or pre-workout supplements. The customer answers a few questions and receives a personalized, tailor-made selection of supplements.

Regarding the creation of the product finders in Aiden, I can be brief: it's simply very straightforward. — Guus van Nunen

The results

XXL Nutrition's product finders boast impressive conversion rates of 18.9%, 20.4%, and 22.4%. In other words, out of 1,000 decision-making aid sessions, over 200 result in a purchase. That's truly an XXL conversion!

Stop losing customers to choice paralysis

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