Aiden vs X

Why Aiden?

We are often asked what the difference is between Aiden and other guided selling providers. To make everyone's life easier (after all, that's what we do!) we have made a helpful comparison here.

Build it yourself
Build & launch a product finder in 1 day
Create your Q&A, apply your branding, match your products and integrate your app — super fast.
Make flexible and dynamic conversations
Create a personalised question/answer conversation for each type of customer by dynamically skipping certain questions.
Present the recommended products as advice
Explain why a particular product meets a customer's needs, rather than just filtering a category page. And watch your conversion skyrocket.
Use a mix of “must-haves” and “would-likes” for nuanced advice
Instead of filtering out products that don't match an answer (which can lead to disappointing results), combine weighted and filtered questions in one app.
Build your app on top of an incomplete product catalog
Connect products directly to answers and bypass incomplete product specifications.
Optimise your app with comprehensive usage insights
See how many customers are using the app, answers they're giving, and what products they're choosing. Capture this data in your CRM to enrich customer profiles and use your guided selling app (s) for marketing automation.
Easily set up A/B tests
Copy an existing product finder in seconds, make minor changes, and launch the new app as a B-version to gather new insights and keep iterating.
A budget-friendly kickstart of your guided selling experience
Benefit from flexible, usage-based rates for both small and large web shops.

Used by leading e-commerce businesses

Stop losing customers to choice paralysis

Help doubting customers by automatically offering tailored advice, achieving 2.5 times more conversions.

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