🎁 84% conversion increase for Cadeau.nl

With their gift finder, Cadeau.nl helps customers to arrive at a relevant selection of gifts with just a few questions. And that works out well for conversion!

🎁 84% conversion increase for Cadeau.nl
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Nutcrackers was founded in 2008 when they started ditverzinjeniet.nl - a shop with unique products and special gifts. In recent years, this has grown into one of the largest gadget websites in the Netherlands. In 2018, Cadeau.nl here. The ambition is to become the number 1 gift website in the Netherlands.

The challenge

Cadeau.nl is a shop for everyone. Whether you're looking for a gift for your mom, girlfriend or neighbor. With a range of 2,000 to 3,000 products, there is a suitable gift for everyone.

But finding the right gift is a lengthy and tedious process for many people, with endless scrolling and clicking. Nutcrackers wanted to build a unique experience for Cadeau.nl where finding the gift was as fun as the gifts themselves.

The solution

In the tradition of history of Aiden, and our gift choice aids, Nutcrackers in Aiden built their own gift finder. In doing so, they help customers to make a relevant selection in their extensive gift range, based on just a few questions.


Giving a gift became as much fun as receiving it. The use of the product finder resulted in an 84% increase in conversion for Cadeau.nl.

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