Simon Lévelt

☕️ Know your customer! Why Simon Lévelt switched to an Aiden product finder

Within one day, Simon Lévelt developed a new Coffee Finder using Aiden. New customer insights were collected right away.

331% conversion uplift
New customer insights
Rollout to all categories
☕️ Know your customer! Why Simon Lévelt switched to an Aiden product finder
Food & Beverages
Haarlem, Netherlands
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The company

Simon Levelt is a household name when it comes to coffee and tea. With over 150 different tea flavors and 25 different coffees, there's a suitable taste for everyone. In 42 specialty stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, an employee assists customers in finding the right coffee or tea flavor. But sometimes, it's just easier to order online.

The challenge

To also provide excellent advice in their online store, Simon Lévelt had previously developed a Coffee Finder and Tea Finder. E-commerce coordinator Roxanne van Baardewijk explains:

"An important reason for implementing guided selling is to extend the service from our physical stores to the online platform. We are a premium coffee and tea brand, and we want to offer that personalized touch online as well. With the product finder, we can alleviate uncertainties and precisely advise you on which teas you will or will not enjoy."

"The customer's need was clear, but we encountered some limitations with the product finder we had developed internally. For instance, we couldn't track where customers were dropping off in the selection process and which answers were most frequently chosen. Additionally, modifying the tool always required development work."

"This kind of functionality is offered out-of-the-box by Aiden," says van Baardewijk, "so the decision to switch was quickly made."

The solution

"Within one day, Simon Lévelt developed a new Coffee Finder using Aiden. The next day, the new tool was launched on the coffee category page. This allowed them to gather immediate insights into the usage of the product finders and the preferences of customers."

How does it work? Within the Analytics section, Aiden provides insight into the quantitative usage of the product finder, including click-through rates, distribution of answers, and the questions with relatively high drop-off. Additionally, Aiden facilitates an easy integration with Google Analytics, allowing the complete journey of each product finder user to be tracked - before, during, and after using the product finder. This enables Simon Lévelt to easily compare product finder users with other visitors of the online store.

The results

In the first month after launch, the new Coffee Finder instantly achieved impressive results. Not least: conversion rates are up by an impressive 331% for product finder users.

Moreover, guided selling provides particularly useful insights, allowing Simon Lévelt to understand the online customer just as well - or perhaps even better! - as the customer in the store. For example, it was discovered that 56% of product finder users prefer their coffee black:

Van Baardewijk concludes: "These kinds of insights are exactly what we were missing in the previous version of our product finder. So, we will quickly migrate the Tea Finder to Aiden as well!"

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