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This is an example of a content page (or SEO page) where customers can find advice and education. On this page, we show the full-page integration of an Aiden decision aid.

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From reducing anxiety to preventing osteoporosis, a brisk walk or trekking is an outdoor activity that offers benefits beyond nature and fun. Are you going on a hiking trip for the first time? Then we have some useful tips for this.

Wear the right shoes and socks

Sore feet can ruin your walk. Invest in high-quality hiking boots and socks. This does not mean that you should immediately purchase high heavy leather shoes. There are many “light walking shoes” available that are very comfortable and also lightweight. Don't skimp on socks either and for god's sake... no cotton! Wool or synthetic socks are the way to go. Use the selection guide to find the walking shoe that's right for you.

Next topic. Getting a good night's sleep is also important. So it's very important that you choose a good tent.

Get a good night's sleep

How many people are you with? Do you need to be able to carry your tent, or are you going to cycle with it, for example? Which material is best to choose? There is plenty of reason to panic. Fortunately, we are ahead of you with a handy decision aid.

A selection of the most beautiful tents

Check out our fake range. These tents are real! We just know nothing about it. We have decision aids for that.

Pretty helpful, right?

So that's what we think too. And the great thing is: you can not only post it on a content page like this, but also, for example, on a product detail page. Or on a category page (also known as a lister page).

Guided selling helps

These types of decision aids are good examples of guided selling. With guided selling, web shops help their customers find the right product online. The good advice from the store, but online. Do you want to know exactly what guided selling is, and why it works well for web shops? Then read this article: What is guided selling?

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