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🅱️ Result: A/B test new product cards

The B-variant increases the click-through rate by an average of 3.33% in various embed options.

April 16, 2024

Our most recent A/B test involved design changes for the product cards on the advice page. The aim was to present the product and advice information more clearly and now do this in the same way between the different embed formats (sidebar, pop-up, full-page, in-page). As it turns out, these changes are working out well! We see an increase in the click-through rate of an average of 3.33%.

In the full-page format, we saw an increase of 3.32%, an increase of 3.19% in the in-page format and an increase of 3.48% in the pop-up. As expected, the performance between the A variant and the B variant remained the same in the sidebar. This is not surprising, because in this format there are almost no visual differences between the two versions.

We have now implemented the new design for all product finders so that every store will immediately benefit from this improvement.

Good to know: the highlight of the most suitable product (in which the top card is outlined in color) has not yet appeared to have any significant additional effect. So we have omitted this change for the time being.

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