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May 31, 2022

New and improved interaction in the Answers tab

We've enhanced the design and interaction of the Answers tab in Conversation.

Now, you’ll see the Info text and Custom answer label for each answer right below the answer text. This makes it easier to compare these texts across answers. We’ll also show you whether an answer has any Exceptions or if it’s a No preference answer.

You can still change the order of answers by dragging and dropping them, just like before.

Import, update or replace incomplete feeds

After some feedback from our users, we have loosened the import restrictions of feeds.Product feeds that are only partially incomplete (e.g. a product image is missing for some products) can now be imported and updated.

The only exception to this new rule are feeds with missing product ID’s. A feed with a missing product ID could result in empty applications and other problems, and will therefore not be imported.

A bug in the catalogue filter showed (in some cases) too many results. This issue has now been fixed.

App performance overview dashboard

As a follow-up to the insights widget and weekly report we recently launched, today we’re launching an all new dashboard that shows the performance of all your apps in one place:

To find the new ‘global analytics’ dashboard, simply click Analytics in the new sidebar, or View details below the insights widget.

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