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🆎 Update: A/B testing of new product cards

We are running an A/B test in which we show the advice results in a compact way.

April 9, 2024

Update: Over the past 4 weeks, we have seen that the B variant leads to an increase of 2.68% on average. Super interesting! Before we apply the B variant we're making a final adjustment as a control, where we remove the border highlight of the B variant to see if the layout change in itself has the same effect.

We are running a new A/B test on all of Aiden's apps. This design change allows us to present product and advice information more clearly and in the same way across the different embed types (sidebar, pop-up, full-page, in-page). It also makes it possible to accommodate future new features and functionalities.

The biggest differences:

  • We now show “Additional fields” above the CTA button instead of below it. We beleive this is a more logical place for them, because it involves the same type of product information as the title and price.
  • We now show the answers given and associated matching scores in all embed forms in the same way as in the new sidebar: horizontally listed instead of vertically one below the other.
  • The “best match” product is now highlighted even more.

With this A/B test, we test whether these changes at minmum have no negative effect on the click-through rate (CTR) - and hopefully even a positive effect. We'll keep you posted on what we discover.

Below is an overview of the various A and B variants per embed type.

Pop-up & Full-page:

Left: Variant A (Current) - Right: Variant B (New)


Left: Variant A (Current) - Right: Variant B (New)


Left: Variant A (Current) - Right: Variant B (New)

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