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Koppelen met je CDP? Snellere feed updates? Een onbeperkt aantal keuzehulpen? Inzetten voor meerdere merken? Vraag naar onze impact boosters en enterprise pricing (vanaf +€29).

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What customers say

You're in good company

We aren't the only ones who believe in guided selling.
Our users are just as excited!

“Great experience with Aiden! Live in a flash, with onboarding that was smooth and easy: just 5 days between kick-off and go-live. Aiden's support? Nothing short of outstanding. They are always available, respond quickly and make every process a breeze.”

Jasper Brester

Business Developer,

“We give a product more value when we want to highlight it. This increases the margin and therefore Aiden's guided selling software is a much stronger solution than a product filter.”

Jeroen Bonnemaijers

Founder, Brandpreventiewinkel

“I can be brief about making the product finders in Aiden: it's very easy.”

Guus van Nunen

General Manager, XXL Nutrition

“A significant growth rate that gives reason to use the product finders on other channels and for other products as well.”

Dominique Alaradi

Product owner, Prénatal

“So it's used a lot and that certainly removes some of the questions when it comes to customer contact.”

Jan Karel Ekkel

E-commerce specialist, Kees Smit Garden Furniture

“We see that visitors actually purchase the recommended products.”

Anna Maria Schulz

Webshop Manager, Girav

“We first built a product finder ourselves. This allowed me to see how often it was used, but not what it yielded in terms of conversion or which bikes our customers ultimately chose. With Aiden, now we can.”

Willem van Dooren

Digital Marketing Professional, Cortina

“These kinds of insights are exactly what we missed in the previous version of our product finder. So we're also going to quickly transfer our tea finder to Aiden!”

Roxanne van Baardewijk

Webshop coordinator, Simon Lévelt

"Een keuzehulp is een raadgever en levert dus ook andere resultaten op dan een filter.”

Nena Soors

Content manager, Toppy


We have listed the most frequently asked questions about our plans.

Why an annual contract?

Guided selling is an essential part of every online store, and certainly not a cute little tool on the side. That's why we work  intensively together on an annual basis with our customers.

Can we pay monthly?

Yes! For this, we charge a fee of 10% on the plan's list price.

Do you offer a discount?

Yes! With a 2-year contract, you get a 5% discount on the plan's list price and 10% with a 3-year contract.

Are there implementation costs?

No! We make sure that our software works so intuitively that you can do your thing independently. So: no huge implementation process, just log in and get started!

When does the plan take effect?

If you've had a demo and are enthusiastic about Aiden, you will receive the license agreement. After signing, you will immediately get access to your own Aiden account and the plan goes into effect.

What do I do if I can't figure something out?

Our team is here for you! Send us a message via the chat in Aiden and we'll be happy to help.

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