🧳 How Travelbags increased conversion by 40%

With 14,000 suitcases and bags in its range, Travelbags has a perfect travel companion for every traveler. But how does a customer know how to find them quickly and easily? Travelbags came up with a product finder that sent suitcases flying out of the digital store.

🧳 How Travelbags increased conversion by 40%
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About the company

Travel bags is the Dutch market leader in suitcases and (travel) bags. They started as a physical player in 2006, but by innovating and investing in the digital channel, they managed to grow this to an estimated annual turnover of €11.5 million.

The challenge

The choice at Travelbags is huge. With a range of 14,000 items in the online store, there is something for every customer. But how do you help a traveller who doesn't immediately know what they want?

Because there is a lot to choose from when it comes to a suitcase. Hard or soft? Big or small? Two or four wheels? TSA lock or not? Laptop pocket or laptop fuck you I'm going on vacation?

And in addition to personal wishes, the expert view sometimes really necessary. For example, not every airline actually sees every “hand luggage suitcase” as hand luggage. So if you often fly with KLM, you have fewer suitcases to choose from - because they only allow smaller hand luggage - than if you fly with easyJet or British Airways.

The solution

Travelbags came out with a product finder that makes it easy for customers to find their ideal travel buddy. In Aiden, they modelled a conversation flow that shows wandering travelers the way into the wonderful world of suitcases.


The suitcases flew (or rolled) over the counter.

  • 85% of the users of the product finder clicks through to one of the recommended products.
  • and they convert 40% more often than the regular visit.

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