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Spotler Activate (Squeezely)

Connect your guided selling apps to Spotler Activate (formerly Squeezely) to enrich customer profiles on a whole new level.

Utrecht, Nederland
Tim Hoefnagel
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Enrich 360-degree customer profiles

By simply asking the right questions in your guided selling apps, you'll discover who your customers are, what their context is, and what problem they want to solve.

For example, instead of guessing that a customer is female because they visited the “women's shoes” category page once, you can now be sure of their gender because they answered a question about it. Similarly, you can finally determine their style preferences by creating a “find my style” app in Aiden and linking the answers provided to the Squeezely 360 profile.

Mail advice to your customers

Activate the e-mail integration and set up a journey in Squeezely so that a customer receives his recommended products in his inbox. The standardized Squeezely integration makes this even easier. Aiden automatically sends the collected email addresses to the right place in Squeezely — including permission to receive the newsletter. Simply set up the rest of the journey and triggers in Squeezely and link the data to your email platform.

Personalize your website

Create a product set of recommended products and use this set in a Squeezely personalization to promote the recommended products elsewhere on your website.

Getting started

Ready to get started? Follow the steps in this tutorial to set up your Squeezely integration.

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