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Full-service e-commerce agency in Rotterdam and early adopter of Aiden.

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Ronald van Rooijen
20 - 30
+31 (0) 10 8200 320

FRMWRK is an e-commerce agency from Rotterdam that acts as co-pilot alongside e-commerce entrepreneurs. In practice, they specialize in development and marketing. They have a unique understanding of the broad spectrum and decision making that creates maximum value for their customers, the online stores.

FRMWRK looks beyond the horizon for smart new ways to stand out from the crowd. That's why FRMWRK is also an early adopter of Aiden: using the guided selling software they achieve big results for their customers with relatively little effort.

Want to get to know FRMWRK better? They run the e-commerce podcast “On the way to 20 million” in which they interview entrepreneurs and knowledge partners about the decisions online stores make on their growth path. Marja Silvertant, CEO of Aiden, was a guest in episode 21.

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