🚨 How Alarmsysteemexpert.nl increased conversion by 60% in 2 months

Read how Alarmsysteemexpert.nl created a product finder to make the good advice from the store available via the digital channel.

🚨 How Alarmsysteemexpert.nl increased conversion by 60% in 2 months
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About the company

Alarmsysteemexpert.nl is exactly what the name says: an expert in alarm systems. From their showroom in Gorinchem, they help people from all over the Netherlands to select and install an alarm or camera system.

The challenge

Selling alarm or camera systems online is a lot more complicated. In the webshop, customers did not understand the difference between the many options (e.g. the number of megapixels of a camera), so they often contacted the phone for advice. Or just dropped out completely.

Alarmsysteemexpert.nl wanted to make the good in-store advice available to online customers, so that these customers could independently select the right camera system.

The solution

Alarmsysteemexpert.nl set it Aiden platform for guided selling in order to be a product finder to make camera systems. In the software, a conversation was created that formed the basis for the product finder.

These were simple questions (how far should the camera see clearly, are you good at installing cables?) that were linked to the desired product specifications (how many megapixels, wired or wireless) for the right product advice.

With the product finder, consumers are actively assisted in the online purchase process and can go through this independently without having to be an expert. The easy-to-integrate decision tool has been placed in several locations on the website, with immediate impressive results.


  • 60% better conversion than the average user
  • more than 2x as many pageviews
  • 2.5 times as much time on the website

SEA + product finders work

Alarmsysteemexpert.nl also mixes with paid advertising (Google Advertising) in the battle for the customer. The increasing dependence on SEA (and rising costs) are a pain in the side here. Especially in combination with variable conversions in the web shop.

Product finders also make a significant difference here. Customers who came in via SEA and then used the decision aid converted 240% better than SEA customers who used the non-product finders. Great results that have a significant impact on the dynamics of advertising.

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