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✉️ More impact with Aiden & email

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By connecting Aiden to your email software, you increase the impact of both your guided selling apps and your email campaigns.

As a webshop, you use email software to easily send data-driven email marketing campaigns. And with Aiden, it's easy to collect data. That sounds like a good match and it is. By connecting Aiden to your email software, you can use the data from Aiden in your email campaigns. In this way, you improve the personalizations in your mailings and increase the impact of your decision aids.

Together with our friends from Heroes Only (formerly MailCampaigns), we have listed the best practices around this connection. All with the aim: to increase the impact of your decision aids.

For that purpose, at Aiden, we use a simple formula: impact = effect * range. In other words: You maximize the impact by increasing both the effect and the reach of your decision aids. Email marketing is an efficient tool for this. And the extra data that you can send from Aiden to MailCampaigns, for example, makes this tool even more efficient. In your email software, you can collect the following data from Aiden, among others:

- What decision aid did the customer go through?

- What answers did the customer give?

- Which products are recommended?

Below, we'll elaborate on how this link can increase your effect and reach to make more impact.

Increase effect

The effect of the decision aid is reflected, for example, in purchases made by decision aid users, but also in soft conversions such as scheduling an appointment or requesting a color sample. There are many ways to increase the effect using the Aiden data in your email software, here are just a few examples:

#1 - Send an email campaign to decision aid users

Send all users of a decision aid a specific email campaign, so you can once again highlight the product category that the customer is interested in. Depending on the choice aid that has been completed, you can style the campaign differently or use a different form of contact or CTA. This makes an email more personal and focused and the customer will convert faster.

#2 - Add user selection help to segments

When a customer goes through a choice aid about canoes, you can add this customer to the segment of customers who are interested in canoes in your email software. Going through a selection aid shows much more clearly that there is interest in that product category than, for example, a visit to a PLP.

#3 - Use decision guide answers for detailed segmentation

For example, when you ask a question or style preferences in a selection aid, you can add customers to a segment for that style based on the answer provided. So if a customer says they love a Bohemian-decorated garden, you can offer this customer very specific products. Of course, this does not only apply to style questions. If you ask for a choice aid in sleeping bags or if the customer also camps in the winter, you can also use that answer, for example, to add a customer to the winter camper segment.

#4 - Send a reminder email when no purchase has been made

If a customer has received advice but has not made a purchase, you can send a reminder after x weeks. Aiden also shows the average time between advice and purchase. This can help you determine when to send a follow-up email.

#5 - Send a reminder email when a recommended product is back in stock

If the most suitable product is out of stock for a while, you can also send the customer an email when the product is available again. This is extra relevant if the recommended product is still the best match despite being sold out. Please note that you do not email customers who have already purchased a replacement product.

Extend reach

By increasing the reach of the decision aid, you ensure that more customers are well helped. And customers who are well helped convert better. So it's certainly smart to also see email as a channel to the decision aid. And the good news: this does not require a technical link with Aiden. So with the reach tips below, you can get started right away!

#1 - Actively help customers (instead of pushing products unsolicited)

Often, email campaigns are little more than a variation of “Look! A product! Buy?”. Such emails are based on customer click behavior, if they are based on anything at all. But of course, looking at a product says nothing about whether that product is a good fit for the customer. Especially if the customer has decided not to order the product. So instead of offering products in your mailing, you can also offer help. Of course, you offer that help in the form of a decision aid. After the customer has been well advised, you can then send much better, more relevant product emails again.

#2 - Get to know your customers better

Customers like to fill out a decision aid. So you can also use them as a kind of “quiz”, also known as a profiling choice aid, that helps you get to know customers better. Think: “Find out what kind of camper you are!” Based on the answers provided, you can divide the customers into the right segments and then increase the effect with personalized follow-ups. Of course, this is also possible with product choice aids; even then, you can segment based on answers and you can immediately bring the right product to the attention.

More information

Want to get started with email campaigns and Aiden right away? In this tutorial you can read more about the “mail me the advice” e-mail link in Aiden. And here you can read how to request an email address on an info page in a selection aid.

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