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πŸ”— Aiden + Bloomreach

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Thanks to the new partnership between Aiden and Bloomreach, truly personal e-commerce is within reach. Instead of irrelevant recommendations, customers can now count on content and advice that truly suits their needs.

We've got big news: Aiden and Bloomreach are joining forces to take marketing automation and personalization to the next level. πŸš€

At Aiden, we collect a lot of relevant zero party data through guided selling. This is data provided by a customer voluntarily and deliberately and, because of its reliability and relevance, is also known as the holy grail of data. Consider, for example, the answers that a customer gives in a product finder: those are a direct reflection of their situation, wants and needs. They're the why behind the what.

Bloomreach is a customer data platform that uses data for personalized marketing automation. This includes creating personalized email, SMS, web and mobile campaigns powered by real-time data and AI.

Are you thinking what we're thinking? The Aiden + Bloomreach integration is the best of both worlds. We combine Aiden's insights about customer wants and needs with Bloomreach's personalization and marketing automation. The result? A match made in e-commerce heaven.

Alright, alright. How does it work exactly?

Once you enable the integration, Aiden will send all the relevant data from your product finders to Bloomreach, where you can have that data land in the relevant customer profile. Here are a few examples to show which unique features you can then create in Bloomreach:

Enrich customer profiles with answers

πŸ‘‰ Answers given in a product finder are sent to Bloomreach as separate events

The customer answers a question in a product finder. For example, β€œWhat's your age?” , β€œDo you often go camping?” or β€œWhere do you usually camp?” Their answers can now automatically be added to the customer profile in Bloomreach. If you're a camping gear store and it appears that this 18-year-old customer camps up to 4 times a year, always in cold regions, you can now follow up with this customer in a super personalized way. Think of an email marketing campaign with camping gear focused on cold regions!

Highlight advised products beyond the product finder

πŸ‘‰ Every time an advice is given, the advice, including the products, arrives in Bloomreach as an event

Aiden informs Bloomreach about exactly which products have been recommended to a customer. Neat! With this information, you can, for example, show the recommended products at the top of the product lister page (PLP) when the customer visits the website again. After all: customers who use a product finder are usually still orienting themselves and may not Β buy immediately - this is evident in the average time to order in the Impact Dashboard in Aiden. So it's definitely a smart move to keep underlining the advice.

Collect customer email addresses, send personalized follow-ups, and add them to existing audiences

πŸ‘‰ When a customer completes the 'customer contact' form in Aiden, their email address is automatically sent to Bloomreach

In Aiden, you can ask the customer to leave their email address to email the advice to themselves. Once a customer does this, you will receive this email address directly in Bloomreach (if you don't already have it). Of course, that also creates new opportunities. For example, send a reminder email sooner than the average time to order, to expedite a purchase.

Bonus: Within the email event, a customer can also submit an opt-in to a newsletter. This allows you to add the customer directly to a specific audience in Bloomreach, for example for a certain newsletter or discount promotion.

Best of both worlds

Thanks to Aiden's incredibly relevant customer insights and Bloomreach's personalization skills, truly personal e-commerce is within reach. Instead of irrelevant recommendations, thanks to this new partnership, e-commerce customers can now count on content and advice that truly suits their needs.

Do you want to know more about the integration, or get started right away? Be sure to contact Aiden Support or your Bloomreach account manager.

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