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🔌 Koppel je Aiden apps met Squeezely

You can now connect your Aiden apps to the Squeezely customer data platform. This has huge implications for your marketing automation and personalization strategy!

June 20, 2022

Great news! You can now connect your Aiden apps to the Squeezely customer data platform. This allows you to leverage the data gathered in your guided selling apps for further marketing automation and personalization.

Want to learn all about it? Join our 30-minute webinar on Monday, June 27th.

Please note: This feature if only available to customers with the Professional licence or higher. Contact us at if you’re an Essential customer and want to discuss your options.

Enrich 360 degree customer profiles

Once enabled, your Aiden apps will automatically send the provided answers to the customer’s 360-profile in Squeezely. This has huge implications! By simply asking the right questions in your guided selling apps, you can learn who your customer is, what their context is and which problem they’re looking to solve.

For example, instead of guessing a customer is a woman because they visited the ‘women’s shoes’ category page once, you can now be sure of their gender because they answered a question on it. Similarly, you can definitively determine their style preferences by creating a “find my style” app in Aiden and looping the provided answers through to the Squeezely 360-profile.

This type of zero-party data is extremely valuable as it allows you to deepen the relationship with your customers. It’s where true webshop personalization happens — and the possibilities are endless.

Marketing automation

Many of you already use your Aiden apps as a lead generator. Customers can leave their email address on the advice page to receive an email with the recommended products.

The new Squeezely integration makes this even easier. Aiden automatically sends the collected email addresses to the right place in Squeezely — including the newsletter consent. Simply set up the rest of the journey and triggers in Squeezely and loop the data through to your email platform.

For customers, a followup email is a great way to take some time and consider a purchase, which is especially helpful for larger purchases. It also allows them to easily share the advice with someone else. For you as a webshop, it’s an awesome way to connect with your customers on multiple touchpoints, and to instantly increase their buying odds.

Personalize your website by showcasing advised products

In addition to the customer’s answers, Aiden also sends their advised products to Squeezely. Simply create a product set and set up a Squeezely personalization to showcase the advised products elsewhere on your website.

Similarly to the followup email, this allows customers to take some time to consider their purchase, while ensuring that the advised products remain top-of-mind.

How it works

Check out our tutorial: Squeezely integration and learn how to set everything up. Need some help? Book a call with our support team.

Want to know more about Aiden's new features and improvements? 👉 Take a look at our 🗒 Release notes.

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