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✅ From product finder to product check! Advice on your PDP

Today, we're launching the product check, a special type of product finder for your product detail page (PDP).

January 30, 2024

Today, we're launching the product check, a special type of product finder for your product detail page (PDP). In a product check, you provide specific advice about the product that your customer is looking at. You either confirm that this product is indeed the right choice for them, or you point them to a more suitable alternative.

In other words:

  • With a product finder your answer the question”Which product suits me?”
  • With a product check you answer the question “Does this product suit me?”

Offering a product check on the PDP has many advantages.

1. Reach everyone who's in doubt on your online store

The PDP has a lot more traffic than the category page. In fact: On average, around 70% of the Adwords budget goes to customers who land directly on a PDP. Yet many of those customers are still in the early orientation phase — a group which has only grown due to recent developments in Google Shopping (thanks, PMax!).

For example, I could search Google for “headphones” and end up clicking on a super specific product, the Sony WH-1000XM4. Next, I'll have to start browsing through the product details while I'm trying to figure out if these headphones really have everything I'm looking for.

Apologies for the expensive click, Coolbue.

The result: choice paralysis and frustration, leading many valuable visitors to drop out of your funnel while the ROAS of store plummets. Meanwhile, this type of user really just wants to know if a particular product suits their needs.

By offering a product check and providing personalized advice on the PDP, you can reach up to 3 times as many people through guided selling and accelerate the decision-making process.

2. Accelerate the decision-making process

The product check focuses on the exact product your customer is considering. You provide specific advice on whether that product actually suits their needs, thereby improving the chances of a speedy and satisfactory purchases.

3. No additional effort on your end

All of the product check magic is done by Aiden on the backend. Your customer answers the same questions as in the 'regular' product finder - and voilà, he knows immediately whether he's on the right page or if there's a better match.

4. Fewer returns

By also assisting customers on the PDP (instead of only featuring a product finder on the product lister page or PLP), you reduce the risk of customers making a wrong purchase and thereby the need for returns. Great news for everyone, including the environment!

Ready, check, go!

With the product check, we're offering an unprecedented increase in the reach - and with that, the impact - of guided selling for your store. That's why we're launching this as a separate feature for €199/m.

Ready to get started? Let us know through Aiden Support and we'll immediately activate the product check in your Aiden environment.

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