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📱 Improved usability

Our app frontend has been around for a while now. During that time, we collected a lot of usage data that made a number of improvements. Namely, adjusting the navigation and changing the interaction for requesting email addresses on the advice page.

October 3, 2023

Our app frontend has been around for a while now. During that time, we collected a lot of usage data. That's how we know...

  • ... that 56% of all decision aid users use a decision aid on their mobile phones.
  • ... that our decision aids are used at many different web shops with a very diverse audience.
  • ... thanks to UX tests by ourselves and our customers (thanks!) that some parts of the navigation can be confusing.

We will be working with these insights in the coming period. Today we are starting with 2 nice changes:

1. Moving the secondary navigation

The placement of the “Previous” and “Start Over” buttons was sometimes confusing for users; for example, they were sometimes clicked when people were actually trying to navigate further. And since more than half of the users are on mobile, it was actually also inconvenient that this “secondary navigation” was at the bottom. Especially with long pages such as the advice page, you first had to scroll all the way down to be able to take a step back. Sometimes multiple times when you wanted more than one step back.

For these reasons, we've moved the Back and Start Over buttons up. Right above the progress bar — a much more logical spot! Using a decision tool is therefore clearer and more accessible, and we therefore also expect a lower drop-off on questions or info pages.

2. “Mail me this advice” form on the advice page

Want to email advice to yourself? Then you previously had to enter your email address on a separate page. The disadvantage of this interaction was that the context of the advice disappeared and the customer had to navigate back first to see the recommended products again.

We have now modified this interaction. You now enter your email address on the advice page itself, and the recommended products remain continuously visible and available to click through. A much nicer interaction!

In the old situation, we navigated to a separate page and the context of the advice disappeared.
In the new situation, the form acts as a fold-out. After filling in, it will reset back to the button after 8 seconds.

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