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📈 Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations

Forwarding events from your apps to Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics is now even easier.

September 22, 2023

Forwarding Aiden events to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager is now even easier. In the Integrations settings in Aiden, you can enable/disable the forwarding of Aiden events to Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics using a toggle.

From the decision aids on your website, events about answering questions and the recommended products are then forwarded. You can use these events, for example, to create an audience or dashboard in Google Analytics.

If you use Google Tag Manager to load Google Analytics, the events must also go to Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager. If you use the gtag.js snippet to load Google Analytics, you can enable this integration and the events will be sent directly to Google Analytics.

The events arrive in Google Analytics and you can further analyze them there

In this tutorial read more about setting up and analyzing the events in Google Analytics.

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