Bug fix

design improvements

March 7, 2022

Improved error messages

We have improved the error messages that can appear when you’re uploading and updating a product feed. This makes it easier for you to trace the errors in your feed and to fix them.

When the feed cannot be uploaded or updated, a ‘View problems’ button will appear:

A click on this button will reveal a detailed overview of the issues that need to be resolved:

Compact design in-page advice without matching indicators

Did you know that it’s optional to show the matching indicators (☑️ and ❌) for each product on the advice page? In the in-page embed mode, hiding these indicators could lead to a lot of white space. We’ve fixed this: the layout will now be displayed in two columns, making it more compact and visually pleasing.

  • We fixed a bug in the color picker in Look & Feel by implementing a new color picker.
  • We fixed a bug that in some cases only partially showed the emoji on the apps overview screen.

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