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🅱️ A/B test “Bad match” icon

Aiden has done an A/B test to increase the clickthrough rate of products on the advice page. Variant B, with the grey icons, performs 0.96% points better than the current solution and is therefore rolling out everywhere.

June 19, 2023

You may have noticed it on the advice page, but an A/B test has been live since June 9.

There was a suspicion that the display of “bad matches” in the traceability of products had a negative effect on the clickthrough rate on the advice page (i.e., how many people clicked through from the advice page on one of the products). Indeed, the traceability of bad matches was shown with red crosses. We tested this against a B variant where the traceability was shown by a grey icon of a circle with a minus. So a slightly more subtle approach.

And the winner is... 🥁... Variant B!

Variant B, the grey icon, performs better than variant A

Details: The A/B test ran from June 9 to 19 across all decision aids with a total of more than 80,000 sessions. Variant B performs over all decision aids 0.96 percentage points better than the current red icons. If we look at individual decision aids, we see improvements of 0.5% - 5% on the clickthrough rate. than the current red icons.

So a clear result. That's why we've now rolled out variant B for all decision aids. No more red crosses!

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