Make online shopping easy

Lead your customers through the buying journey with a guided selling app. All it takes is 5 easy steps:


Start the conversation

Guided selling is a conversation between you and your customer. What do you need to know so you can point the customer to the right product? Think of a few questions to ask. For example, you can ask “How will you use the headphones?” and give the customer the option to select “Listening to music,” “Calling my friends,” or “Gaming” (or all three!).

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Build conversations

Match your products

You’re the product expert: when it comes to technical specs, you know that “noise canceling,” “Bluetooth 5.0,” and “hi-res audio” are key features if you want to listen to classical music on the train. But your customer is the use case expert: only they can tell you if they plan to listen to classical music on the train. With Aiden, you can enrich your product catalog with use cases. Link the use cases to the conversation and...voilá! You’ve got a unique guided selling journey that points your customer to the product that matches their needs.

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Link your products

Choose your style

Make sure your guided selling app looks slick and sleek. With Aiden, that’s as easy as selecting the style, colors, and typography you need to match the app to your company’s brand.

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Customize the look and feel

Click “Publish”

Nothing is more annoying than building a great tool... then discovering that you can’t integrate it into your system. We know this, so we made it easy to install our guided selling apps. Just place a small piece of code anywhere on your website to integrate your creation. Need to make some changes after the app is live? That’s as easy as updating the tool in your dashboard. When you click “Publish,” you’ll see the changes on your website immediately—no need to use development time.

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Launch your advisor

Analyze and optimize

Your Aiden dashboard displays real time data and useful insights. Easily see which questions work well, where users drop off in the process, and how many customers the tool has helped. Feel free to experiment with new, fewer, or different questions to see what works best for your customer – and in the end, for your webshop.

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Use analytics to improve your advisor
Book a demo

See for yourself

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