👉 Good to know: Log4J vulnerability does not affect Aiden

Recently, a major security flaw has been discovered in a piece of software called Log4j, which is used by millions of web servers.

Almost every bit of software you use will keep records of errors and other important events, known as logs. Rather than creating their own logging system, many software developers use the open source library Log4j, making it one of the most common logging packages in the world.

Good to know: Aiden does not use Log4j. Instead, we use an alternative called Logback for our logging purposes. Hence the Aiden software and any apps created within Aiden are not directly or indirectly vulnerable to the Log4j security flaw.

We recommend checking with your internal development team and external vendors if they use Log4j, and if so, to switch to an alternative like Logback on short notice.

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