Bug fix

Product feed integration and Look&feel improvements

February 1, 2021

Look & feel

We've improved several look & feel settings within Aiden and for your users:

  • When your advice page shows 1 of 2 products, those will now be center aligned (instead of on the left).
  • We now show the name of your organization within Aiden.
  • In reviewing our 🎨 Look & Feel section we noticed some inconsistencies in the use of primary and secondary colors. So we made these settings more logical:
  • Primary actions (such as buttons) get the primary color, secondary cues (such as information icons) get a secondary color - easy does it!
  • For readability purposes, the advice page now uses white in combination with the background color you select.

End-to-end tests have been improved. Aiden is now even more reliable and steady!

Move over, CSV! Integrate your products easily with a product feed

An up-to-date product feed is vital to the success of your guided selling application. Now you can integrate your live product catalogue directly by inserting your Google Shopping feed URL within Aiden. Integrating a feed takes just a minute!

Using a product feed instead of a CSV ensures that your customers will always see the most up-to-date product information. Your product catalogue is automatically updated once every day. You can also manually update your dataset by using the Update button. This way you no longer have to worry about outdated product information, e.g. in case of pricing changes.

Verlies niet langer bezoekers aan keuzestress

Twijfelende klanten hebben hulp nodig. Bied automatisch advies op maat en maak een enorme impact op je conversie.

We delen graag ons advies, volledig vrijblijvend