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📈 All new! A single performance dashboard for all your apps

Even more insights news! Today we’re launching an all new dashboard that makes it a lot easier to compare the performance of your apps.

May 31, 2022

As a follow-up to the insights widget and weekly report we recently launched, today we’re launching an all new dashboard that shows the performance of all your apps in one place:

This new overview makes it a lot easier to compare the amount of sessions, advice views, clicks and click-through rate of all your apps – as well as the relative growth rates compared to the previous period.

By default we’ll show your the key metrics over the past 30 days, but you can set a custom date range to deep-dive into the data. The 'quick select' time periods are also available.

To find the new ‘global analytics’ dashboard, simply click Analytics in the new sidebar, or View details below the insights widget.

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