Bug fix

Numerical score & product opens in same tab

April 7, 2022

Product detail page now opens in the same tab

If a customer clicks on a product on the advice page of a Pop-up app , the product detail page will now open in the same tab. This improvement gives customers on mobile devices a better experience, as they no longer have to switch between tabs. They can also simply use the native back button to go back the advice page — we’ll even re-open pop-up for them. Pretty neat!

Improved matching score for numerical questions

For numerical questions, the value a customer enters corresponds to a certain score for each product. The score is set by indicating when products should be treated as a perfect match. For example, you could state that any value within a range of 5 makes a product a perfect match:

Previously, any product with a value within the set range (in this case, 5 above and below the customer’s answer) would be a perfect match. However, in the real world, a product that’s closer to the value entered by the customer would most likely be a better match. That’s exactly what we’ve changed in our new numerical matching scores!

Here’s an example to clarify this:

  • Let’s say a customer is looking for a rug with a size of 6 m2.
  • The range for this question is set to 2. Meaning that any rug with a size that’s within 2 m2 above or below the customer’s answer is a perfect match.
  • Previously, any rugs within 4 and 8 m2 would be a perfect match. The order of those rugs would be random.
  • From now on, those rugs will be scored as follows:
  • rugs that are exactly 6 m2 → most perfect
  • rugs that are 5 or 7 m2 → pretty perfect
  • rugs that are 4 or 8 m2 → least perfect
  • 👉 They’re all still perfect matches, but some of these rugs will end up higher in the recommendations when all other factors are the same! And that’s exactly what we want.

The question info text used to have a maximum amount of characters, which wasn’t intentional. We’ve removed that limit. You can now add an unlimited amount of text, although we recommend keeping it at least somewhat limited!

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