Bug fix

Numerical improvements & more

December 21, 2021
  • You can now add a unit of measurement to a numerical question, making it easier to show which type of data the user is expected to enter.
  • We’ve also improved the numerical input itself: users can now add decimals in the same input field, rather than having to use two fields.
  • Ever accidentally clicked on the wrong Catalogue type, then had no way of going back and changing it? We’ve fixed this. You can now go back and (re)select either CSV or Google Shopping Feed.

We’ve fixed a bug that kept the URL editor from showing in some input fields in Conversation.

Verlies niet langer bezoekers aan keuzestress

Twijfelende klanten hebben hulp nodig. Bied automatisch advies op maat en maak een enorme impact op je conversie.

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