Bug fix

'No preference' answers

September 1, 2021

Image thumbnails

The tables in Catalogue and Matching now feature a thumbnail image of each product, making it much easier to keep track of which product(s) you're editing:

Better text colors for buttons

We've improved the contrast calculation that determines which text color is used on the buttons in your apps. For example, orange buttons will now have white text — a much requested improvement. (See ⬅️ !)

Hidden header for 0 results on the advice page

Since it's now possible to hide bad matches from the recommendations, it's also possible that a customer may end up with 0 recommended products. In that case, a header that e.g. says 'These headphones are recommended for you!' isn't ideal. From now on, the advice page header is hidden when there are no results.

App settings in the right place

The app settings can now be found in a more logical place. Simply click on the app name in the sidebar, and you'll find the spot where you can change the app name, emoji and other key settings.

  • We've fixed a bug that kept a deleted app showing up in the list of apps. The list now refreshes and the deleted app is no longer visible.
  • The emoji picker for your app's main icon now closes after your pick an emoji.
  • We've improved the usability of the preview functionality. The height of the preview now grows along with the height of the questions — just like the live app! That means less scrolling for you. 👏
  • The 'last edited' status of your apps on the home screen is now more accurate, as it now considers edits in any section of your app (not just in Conversation).

No preference answers

Sometimes a customer just can't choose. That's why it's now possible to add a 'no preference' answer to your list of answers. Customers can pick this answer if the provided answers do not apply to them. Doing so will automatically deselect all other answers.

The 'no preference' answer is automatically scored as a neutral match for all products. In that sense, it’s exactly like skipping a question.

You'll find this feature in Conversation, for any question that has more than 1 answer.

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