Bug fix

In-page preview!

April 15, 2022
  • When selecting a date range that included yesterday, we unintentionally also included today’s session data. That bug has been solves; you now only see the session data up to yesterday.
  • Due to a rounding error, the Click-through rate shown in Analytics was sometimes off by 1 percent. We fixed this and it now shows the percentages according to expected rounding standards.

In-page preview

We’ve added the ‘In-page’ embed option to our Preview and Look & Feel sections! Previously, you could only see the style of your app applied to our Full-page or Pop-up embed options. Now you can also see what your design will look like as an In-page app!

By clicking the Preview button, you can preview your app:

Simply click the toggle buttons at the top of the page to select the Full-page or In-page view:

The ‘Copy preview link’ button will generate a preview link based on the embed preference you’ve selected (so Full-page or In-page):

In Look & Feel, you could already see your colors, fonts and advanced styling applied to the Full-page app on both desktop and mobile. We’ve also added the In-page embed option here. Simply use the toggle buttons at the top of the page:

As an added bonus we “soft save” your preferred embed option. If you switch between Preview and Look & Feel we’ll remember your settings and show the embed option you last selected.

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