Bug fix


January 18, 2022

If you’ve read our end-of-year newsletter, you’ll know that we’re working on a lot of Big Stuff this quarter. In the meantime, we’ll keep releasing helpful improvements such as these ones:

  • Duplicating an app is now much faster. We’ve also added a helpful loading state that shows you whether we’re still working on it.
  • We’ve made some tweaks to our in-page integration that ensure an improved experience on a non-white background.
  • We’ve moved the position of the additional fields that can be shown on each advised product. They are now featured below the CTA-button (instead of above), ensuring that the most important action is always front-and-center. Here’s a before & after:

Verlies niet langer bezoekers aan keuzestress

Twijfelende klanten hebben hulp nodig. Bied automatisch advies op maat en bereik 2,5 keer zoveel conversies.

We delen graag ons advies, volledig vrijblijvend