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👋 See which questions have high drop-off rates

To help you optimize your Q&A flow, you can now see how your questions perform in terms of drop-off.

July 26, 2021

So, you've built a great product finder. Time to sit back and relax! Or... maybe it's time to check just how well your product finder is performing. Can you improve the Q&A flow, so that more customers reach the advice page?

Our latest feature is called Question drop-off and here's what it looks like:

View the total views, drop-off and drop-off rate per question.

As you can see: our imaginary plant finder performs very well on the first 2 questions, but not that great on the other 2.

Here are some things we can now ask ourselves:

  • Are the questions 'When should the plant bloom?' and 'What should the maximum delivery height be?' too difficult for customers to answer?
  • Are customers perhaps not finding the answers that match their use case(s) for those questions?
  • Will it help if we add extra info texts or images?
  • Perhaps we should change the way the questions are phrased?

These questions can help us define experiments and A/B-tests, which can in turn help us optimize our product finder. Especially if we combine them with the insights we gained by analyzing the answer distribution.

You can find this new feature in the Analyze questions tab of every advisor:

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