Bug fix

Availability, Use matching as filters, Higher frequency product updates

March 1, 2021

Higher frequency of product updates

Remember our last update? Our big announcement was the release of our product feed integration. Every 24 hours we run an automated update to ensure an up-to-date data set.

To better service you, we updated the frequency from once every 24 hours to once every 4 hours. Which means your products are updated 6 times faster!


In our product feed we now process the 'availability' status in the supported Google Shopping feed format. So if your product is out-of-stock it will be filtered out of the results. Once it's back in stock, or is available for pre-order, it's back in the results.

Header font

You can now set a different font and styling for the headers in your advisor. Designers, the floor is yours!

When you duplicate an advisor, you expect an exact duplicate of the advisor and its product dataset. However, due to a bug some products popped up twice in the duplicated advisor with larger datasets. We've fixed this.

Use product matching as filters

Always wanted to use your product matching as filters in 👉 Advice? Now you can! This allows you to easily filter products based on previous matches.

For example: You can now select headphones that are a perfect or good match for 'Children', so you can easily match the same selection of headphones for a use case like 'What type of kid*: Gamer*'.

Verlies niet langer bezoekers aan keuzestress

Twijfelende klanten hebben hulp nodig. Bied automatisch advies op maat en maak een enorme impact op je conversie.

We delen graag ons advies, volledig vrijblijvend