Bug fix

Answer Info Text styling changes!

March 21, 2022

Answer info text in the spotlight

The info text you can add to answers can help users decide which answer to choose. However, user testing showed that in certain cases, users ‘missed’ these bits of wisdom. That’s why we figured it’s high time to make your info texts shine! Our latest release puts them in the spotlight.

Previously, the info texts were hidden behind an (i)-icon. Starting today, this text will be shown directly underneath the answer. This saves the user an extra click and it works seamlessly on mobile devices.

These are all the details:

  • The info text for answers was previously shown in a pop-up, and is now shown directly underneath the answer.
  • To keep the main emphasis on the answers (rather than the info text, which is secondary information), we have made the answer text bold.
  • The info text has a maximum of 250 characters. Existing info texts that are longer than 250 characters will be retained and will receive a ‘read more’ button.
  • Info texts can still feature URLs (to link to even more context), but bold and italic styling are no longer possible.

Extra styling options in the question info text

In addition to the changes to the answer info text, we’ve also made some improvements to the question info text. Previously, this text was always shown in italic styling. We have now made italics optional. Plus, it’s now possible to include a bulleted or numbered list here.

  • All headers were unintentionally styled in bold by default. We’ve fixed this, so you can now style your header in bold, italics or underlined**.** This fix has no impact on the current styling of your header.
  • The ‘select all’ option in Catalogue did not show the correct number of products. This is now fixed.

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