Bug fix

Advanced branding!

October 15, 2021

Accessibility improvements!

We're always trying to make (y)our apps more accessible to all. From now on, your users can use Tab (and Shift+Tab) to navigate between questions and answers,  use the space bar to select an answer, and use Enter to navigate to the next question. Hitting Escape will close the app modal.

Numerical improvements

  • Don't know your budget, weight, or size? Numerical questions can now be skipped by clicking 'Skip'.
  • Type, type, type — click?! From now on, simply hitting 'enter' will submit the answer to a numerical question. No more clicking!

Additional customization in Look & Feel

We've added several new customization options in Look & Feel. You can now...

✔ select a different color for headers and questions (primary text) and other texts (secondary text)

✔ define the border radius, padding and drop shadow for buttons

✔ define the border radius for content cards

These new features can help change the feel of your app and get it even closer to your brand guidelines.

Share a preview link of your app

Sometimes you just need a second (or third, or fourth) opinion. We've got you! You can now easily share a preview link of your app with a colleague.

You'll find the preview link above every preview that you generate, and in the 'Publish' section of your app.

Verlies niet langer bezoekers aan keuzestress

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