📊 Events-based analytics!

This one's a biggie! Today we're launching an all new way to integrate your Aiden app(s) with your Google Analytics account — and, if you wish, even your CRM.

With our events-based analytics integration, you can now gain customer insights on both an aggregate and unique user level. For example, you can see which answers a specific user gave, and which products were recommended to them.

Example: A user just answered 'Yellow' to the question 'Which color do you prefer?'

By saving this data in Google Analytics and/or connection it to a CRM application, you can create enriched customer profiles and leverage your guided selling app(s) for marketing automation.

To read more and get started, check out our updated analytics tutorial: Gather insights with Google Analytics. As always, feel free to reach out to support@aiden.cx if you need any help to set this up.

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