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2 minute read Gepubliceerd op 14-6-2022

With a huge batch of new analytics and insights features in Aiden, it's easier than ever to track the performance of your guided selling apps. However, tracking their (commercial) impact on your webshop was still quite a bit more cumbersome.

And yet we all want to know:

  • How does the conversion rate of guided selling users compare to my other customers?
  • How much revenue have my guided selling apps generated?
  • What's the average order value of guided selling users, and how does that compare?

To make these types of analyses a whole lot easier, we've recently launched our new Guided selling impact dashboard in Google Analytics. Here's an example:

As you can see, the dashboard is split into three groups:

  • Users without advice: these are customers who have not used an Aiden app.
  • Advice viewed: these are customers that reached the advice page of an Aiden app.
  • Advice clicked: these are customers that clicked through to a product on the advice page of an Aiden app.

By comparing the three groups you can easily see the impact of guided selling on e.g. the conversation rate of your customers.

And there's more!

  • The second page of the dashboard shows some new insights on which products have been recommended and clicked the most.
  • We also link to an advanced GA-template that you can copy. This template allows you to break down the key metrics for each individual app.

How it works

  1. First, follow the steps in this tutorial to set up the link between Aiden, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. Need some help? Our support team can do this for you! Send us a message at support@aiden.cx.
  2. Once this is done, simply click here to view your dashboard. Select your Google Analytics property and we'll immediately* show the most important insights!

Would you like more detailed insights on the impact of each individual app? Click here for our advanced GA-template. This allows you to break down the key metrics per app.

Depending on your audience, it may make sense to create and compare different segments than the basic ones we use in the dashboard. Please reach out to us if you'd like us to set up some additional deep-dives.

Happy analyzing!

* Well, immediately. Unfortunately Google Analytics can be quite slow, so you may have to grab a coffee while you wait ;-)
Marja Silvertant Marja Silvertant

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