Residentie Orkest

🎻 A concert selection guide for the Residentie Orkest

Orchestras and classical venues must attract a wider audience to survive. The Residentie Orkest Den Haag, together with Aiden, created a concert product finder to attract a new target group to the auditorium.

🎻 A concert selection guide for the Residentie Orkest
Den Haag, The Netherlands
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Ageing is making a big deal with the orchestral Netherlands. Classical orchestras and stages need a rejuvenation of the target group to stay afloat in the future. This new target group is increasingly finding the websites of the Residentie Orkest and Zuiderstrandtheater. And yet, this has not resulted in an increase in the number of concert tickets sold - 97% leave the website without making a purchase.

Residentie Orkest and Zuiderstrandtheater ask Aiden:

Develop a product finder that makes it easy for interested parties to find a classical concert that suits them.

The challenge

Developing a product finder has a number of important implications for the Residentie Orkest and Zuiderstrandtheater:

  1. Innovation: The sale of classical concerts takes place largely via the Season Brochure; a nice brochure that ends up in the mail at the (10,000!) loyal visitors. They read the brochure and then book their concert visits by phone or in writing and, increasingly, via the website for the entire season. In some cases, they book more than a year in advance! The size of this target group is declining and will lead to sharply declining revenues in the future. Our prospective concert-goer mainly searches and communicates via online channels. And book 1 show at a time, a few weeks in advance. Time for more focus on online.
  2. Contents: This younger target group often sees classical music as a bit 'dusty'; as something you need to know a lot to appreciate. So a serious barrier to buying a ticket. Classical music, however, is primarily about an experience. You don't need any knowledge for that. And you can think of that. Time for an image change.
  3. Experience: Users can now find the richly filled agenda online. Before booking a concert, they should read through the various descriptions, determine what suits their needs and what they are in the mood for. This effort and stress of choice leads to a high dropout rate. How do we ensure that a user can find suitable concerts within a few clicks? And do you also understand why these concerts fit so well? Time for good advice!
Choices that everyone can understand

The solution

To address the challenges mentioned, the Residentie Orkest, Zuiderstrandtheater and Aiden have developed a guided selling application based on the Aiden guided selling software platform.

Innovation: With the campaign Classic for the whole of The Hague the new target group is activated on social media, among other things. On the D website, they can immediately get started with the Keuzehulp Keuzehulp Klassiek. A broad campaign site was chosen, and not our own website, because it captures the entire classical offerings in The Hague (from both the Residentie Orkest and the Zuiderstrandtheater).

Contents: The user answers 4 questions and then receives advice including the 5 most appropriate concerts.

In the questionnaire, the user simply states what they are in the mood for - a big and overwhelming concert or an intimate and moving concert? And what she likes - by listening to music clips. Or who she wants to go to a concert with - with children or without? For those who want to know more, interesting facts about classical music can be found in explanatory texts. Of course, as much as possible without jargon, so that everyone understands.

All in a fresh look & feel and light tone-of-voice. Why dusty?

Experience: The advice consists of X number of concerts that suit the user well. Each concert refers to the choices that a user has made in the questionnaire. In this way, a user recognises their own preferences. The perceived risk of a bad purchase is so much smaller. And it saves the user a lot of effort and time. Buying a concert ticket has never been so easy - you can go directly to the box office via the 'order tickets' button.

Tadaa, the concerts that suit your needs

The result

Enthusiastic sounds from first users who tested the product finder and a happy customer. But then: #corona. So the real results are still a while away. As soon as concerts are given again, the grand launch of the product finder 'Klassiek' will follow. Until then, you can already choose a concert for after the summer — still nice to have something in store. Trumpet sound!

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