Know your customer! Why Simon Lévelt switched to Aiden

2 minute read Published on 2-5-2022

About the company

In the Netherlands and Belgium, Simon Lévelt is a household name when it comes to coffee and tea. With more than 150 different tea flavors and 25 different coffees, there's a suitable taste for everyone. In 42 specialty stores, their employees help customers find the right coffee or tea flavor. But as we all know: sometimes it's just easier to order online.

The challenge

In order to also provide excellent advice in their webshop, Simon Lévelt had previously developed both a Coffee Finder and a Tea Finder app. Webshop coordinator Roxanne van Baardewijk explains:

“An important reason to launch our guided selling apps was to extend the in-store service to the online environment. We're a premium coffee and tea shop and we also want to offer that personal touch online. With a guided selling app we can remove uncertainties for customers and, for example, tell them exactly which tea they will or will not like.”

“So, the need for our customers was clear, but we ran into some limits with the product finders we had developed ourselves. For example, we were unable to see where in the app customers dropped out and which answers were chosen the most. Plus: making changes to the app always involved development work from an IT team.”

“Aiden offers this kind of functionality out-of-the-box,” says van Baardewijk, “so it was an easy decision to switch.”

The solution

Within one day, Simon Lévelt developed a new Coffee Finder app in the Aiden guided selling platform. The new app was immediately launched on the coffee lister page, and new insights about the use of the app and the preferences of customers could therefore immediately be collected.

These insights are collected in two ways. First of all, the Analytics section in Aiden shows the key usage metrics of each app, as well as the distribution of answers and the questions where there is a relatively large drop-off rate. Secondly, Aiden provides an easy Google Analytics integration, so that the entire journey of each customer can be mapped out — before, during and after using the guided selling app. For example, Simon Lévelt can now easily compare guided selling users with other visitors to their webshop.

The results

In the first month upon launch, the new Coffee Finder immediately delivered impressive results. Not in the least: the conversion rate for customers who used the app was 331% higher than those who didn't.

The app also provides valuable customer insights, allowing Simon Lévelt to get to know their online customers just as good - or perhaps better! - as the customers in the store. For example, 56% of the Coffee Finder users prefer to drink their coffee black:

Van Baardewijk concludes: “This kind of insight is exactly what we missed in the previous version of our Coffee Finder. So we'll soon move our Tea Finder to Aiden as well!”

Marja Silvertant Marja Silvertant

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